"For the Phaiakians have no pilots; their vessels have no rudders as those of other nations have, but the ships themselves understand what it is that we are thinking about and want; they know all the cities and countries in the whole world, and can traverse the sea just as well even when it is covered with mist and cloud..."
Odyssey, Book VIII

The above Saltarello's interpretation by Dead Can Dance comes with a slide show by Keeroy of some of Norbert Judt's paintings, whose collection can be found here.

The following is a reconstructed version of the same original 14th century piece (treble-time Saltarello in C), converted to a NES, NSF format, by "mjshikeli" using Famitracker v0.2.7.:


A sphere, which is as many thousand spheres;
Solid as crystal, yet through all its mass
Flow, as through empty space, music and light;
Ten thousand orbs involving and involved,
Purple and azure, white, green and golden,
Sphere within sphere; and every space between
Peopled with unimaginable shapes,
Such as ghosts dream dwell in the lampless deep;
Yet each inter-transpicuous; and they whirl
Over each other with a thousand motions,
Upon a thousand sightless axles spinning,
And with the force of self-destroying swiftness,
Intensely, slowly, solemnly, roll on,
Kindling with mingled sounds, and many tones,
Intelligible words and music wild.
With mighty whirl the multitudinous orb
Grinds the bright brook into an azure mist
Of elemental subtlety, like light...

---Percy Bysshe Shelley, Prometheus Unbound